Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Home in Gringolandia for the Summer

Hola (Hello) everyone, just wanted to check in and half-heartedly pretend this blog was still alive. I wish I would've updated it more, oh well, I'm here now.

The last month was pretty fun. School went well. I went to Puerto Vallarta over a weekend and helped out with a golf tournament. And a week and a half ago I spent all day in Pachuca shooting a commercial for Banorte, which is one of the biggest banks in Mexico. It was soccer-themed and I was a member of the foreign team playing Mexico (the role was a real stretch for me). There were at least 100 extras as fans in the stands. It was the first professional acting job I've ever done and the crew was super-productive and did a great job of keeping things moving. Having said that, we were still on the set for 14 hours. I'm not sure if the final commercial is ready, I can't wait to see it, I'll post it if it is put online.

Well, I'm home until August. I just hope to find a job and work a lot and stay busy and have fun. Sounds simple.

I'm going to visit Europe for the first time ever this Friday, and I'll be there 'til May 30th. I'm flying in and out of Lisbon. Once I'm there I'll be flying from Lisbon to London, then taking the train from London to Paris, and then flying from Paris to Lisbon. I was worried that my flight this Sunday from Lisbon to London would be cancelled would be cancelled due to the volcano. Well, I got a call this morning saying the flight was cancelled due to a British Airways strike. I got a full refund, and I'm about to rebook on easyJet, but there's a good chance that the easyJet flight will be cancelled as well due to the volcano. If that's the case, I'll likely forgo London and spend those days in Portugal and Spain. I still really want to get to Paris since I already purchased a ticket to the French Open tennis tournament (one of the year's 4 major events). So we'll see what happens. Either way, I'm excited to see my buddy Jon, who is teaching English in Portugal.
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