Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Restaurants in Mexico City

A list, that I plan to keep updating, of good restaurants in Mexico City.

Bistrot Charlotte (Lope de Vega 341, Polanco T 5250 4180): “It’s a very friendly place. Charlotte is always there to welcome you. The prices are fabulous. The other day I had a wonderful artichoke salad and a duck liver mousse. The portions are very generous. I had to ask for a doggie bag for the leftovers.”

Bakea (Sierra Ventana 700-5, Lomas de Chapultepec T 5520 7472): “Delicious and eclectic meals. The chef has done his basic training. He knows Spanish and French food. Everything is well seasoned. “

Contramar (Durango 200, Roma T 5514 9217): “A very high standard, very well-prepared seafood. I love the tostadas with fresh tuna.”

Rincón Argentino (Mazaryk 177, Polanco T 5254 8775): “Rigorously professoinal. The steaks are extraordinary. And I love the empanadas with cheese and chile strips.”
L’Olivier (Presidente Mazaryk 49, Polanco T 5545 3133) : “I love the atmosphere and the open kitchen, and the way they throw foie gras on top of everything. I’ve had an excellent fish there. Sometimes they’re a bit careless. It’s better at night than in the afternoon.”

Izote (Presidente Mazaryk 513, Polanco T 5280 1265): New mexicana cuisine.

Pujol (Francisco Petrarca 254, Polanco T 5545 4111): “Beautiful, with good ideas and attractive presentation.”

Bistrot Mosaico (Michoacán 10, Condesa T 5584 2932):

Tezka (Amberes 78, Zona Rosa T 5228 9918 ext. 5067): “It’s fantastic, if you’re not hungry. They do all those experiments that the Spanish chefs love to do. The technique is marvelous and the dishes are works of art. But only if you’re not hungry.”

Puntarena (paseo de las palmas 275) seafood, tuna hamburger

Rexo (condesa, esq de Nuevo Leon y Vicente Suarez) fairly-priced Italian food, pretty good

Los Arcos (Liverpool 104) seafood Sinaloa style ; tostados de camaron, callo de hacha, tacos de marlin

Danubio Uruguay 3 – seafood

Casa merlos – (victoria cepeda 80, observatorio) really good Puebla food , only open Thursday – Sunday

Nick san – ( bisques de Durazno 39) good sushi

Suntory – (filadelfia y Magdalena, col. del valle) amazing Japanese food, very expensive but if you don’t get sushi , the teppanyaki (grilled chicken and veggies) is very good and can be had for under 200pesos per person.

La Buena tierra (Michoacán in Condesa) vegetarian food

Seps (closeby Buena tierra) good pecho de ternera

Fonda Garufa (Michoacán 91) good Argentine food

Patagonia (Campeche en Condesa) good Argentine food, new restaurant
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