Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in the EUM, Don't Know How Lucky I Am, Back in the EU, Back in the EU, Back in the EUM

I got back to Mexico City this afternoon after an amazing month at home. Cold today, but the weather forecast for the next two weeks is very nice, a while in the mid60s before regular highs in the 70s. Yo me gusta! Classes start onday, the semester ends in the middle of May. Like I mentioned, this is my 2nd of 3 semesters to get the master's. Certainly will be job searching some. I really hope to move to Roma/Condesa/Polanco very soon, hopefully something good will work out because I am so bored living by Tec!

Upon arriving at the Mexico City airport today, I had to push the stoplight to see if my bags would be searched. I got green, which meant they wouldn't be. I was so happy I won!

I really hope everyone's year is going well so far. I'm really gonna miss everyone back in Chicagoland.

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