Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hola Hola

Hola, how's it going? Things are basically the same here in the city. The semester ends in five weeks, and then I'll start my final semester in August, and finish the master's in December.

First Lady Michelle Obama is coming to Mexico City tomorrow. It is her first official solo trip abroad. I'm still trying to get an invite to one of the events.

We had spring break a couple weeks ago and I went to Acapulco for a few days. It's really nice having it only a few hours drive from Mexico City. Nothing crazy there (it was past the peak of American spring break season), but very crowded from all the domestic spring breakers.

I just bought a plane ticket to Europe for the end of May, it'll be my first time out of North America and I'm very excited. My friend Jon from North Park (we played golf together) is moving to Lisbon, Portugal soon to teach English after a year teaching English in South Korea. I'll be flying in and out of Lisbon (the tickets were cheaper there than to anywhere else in Europe) and will be visiting London, Paris, and hopefully Barcelona. After that I'm planning on spending two months in Chicago before heading back to DF. I hope you're all doing well. I'm definitely excited baseball is back, I'm watching every Cubs game possible. This is our year!!!


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