Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Picture A Day - Mexico in February 2010 - February 3rd

Rain in February in Mexico City is very rare. Mexico is known for the rainy season from late May through September, but is generally rare the rest of the year (and even though, it only rains for a couple hours at night). Being a weather nerd, I headed over to to check out the monthly rainfall for this time of year. In February in Mexico City, it only rains on average 0.40" a month (comparably, most months in Chicago there is 3" of precipitation). That's what makes the last week so strange. It's been cloudy and rainy most of the last week. There was a hard downpour overnight, it rained all day today, and not surprising at all, my power went out for a while because of the rain. Though tomorrow looks like rain all day, fortunately this weekend is warm and sunny. Unfortunately, next weekend it looks like the rain is coming back. I found this explanation of why it is raining, but I'm not going to pretend I understand it.

Here's the link to the entire album.

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