Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Picture A Day - Mexico in February 2010 - February 6th

This week Mexico experienced perhaps its heaviest February storms ever, a month that is normally entirely dry here. Some parts of the country saw over two and a half feet of rainfall. Sadly a number of deaths here in Mexico can be attributed to the storms, and parts of Mexico City were totally flooded. These were some of the same parts of the city that only get running water three days a week due to a serious water shortage in the city (not surprisingly, those in the better off parts of town don't face water rationing). For as bad as the rains were, they actually might have an overall benefit on the city by filling the reservoirs, which have been dangerously low.

Here's a really interesting 'Wall Street Journal' article on the water situation in Mexico City: "Residents of the capital use on average more than 75 gallons of water a day, the city estimates, far more than their counterparts in most European and American cities whose daily rates are closer to 40 and 50 gallons a day, respectively."

So anyways, as it was raining hard Wednesday night around 10pm, I knew the power was about to go out. It goes out occasionally, especially during storms, but usually comes back within a few minutes. This time, I had to wait 60 hours. And this time, the water stopped working too. Having my university right near my house made this a lot less stressful, and it honestly didn't bug me too much. I'm very blessed in my life, and I still had a bed to sleep in at night and food to eat.

Here's the link to the rest of the album.

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