Monday, February 15, 2010

A Picture A Day - Mexico in February 2010 - February 15th

I'm feeling rather spry right now considering I only slept 1 hour last night. As long as I can make it through an easy lecture from 7-10 tonight, everything will be A-Okay!

The constant traffic of Mexico City actually leads to jobs for numerous local entrepreneurs. Many perform as window washers or performers, doing juggling or acrobatics of varying quality. But the slow stream of cars also leads to many people who walk in the middle of the road on highway entry ramps looking to sell to drivers and passengers alike. There are some things that a driver would naturally be interested in purchasing while waiting in the never-ending hell that is traffic in Mexico City: candy, cigarettes, open containers of alcohol. But the fun doesn't end there. I've seen this guy for several weeks now, and he's still going strong. Now, I've honestly wondered who would feel that the on-ramp is a perfect time to buy a puzzle. However, given the possibility of the Mexican version of this happening, perhaps I should buy one the next time I'm on that entry ramp to the Periferico.

Here's the link to the rest of the album.

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