Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Picture A Day - Mexico in February 2010 - February 19th

One of the main reasons I moved to Mexico was for the weather. Hard to complain about sunny and 75 degrees on February 19th. Yesterday Robbie Lear and I went golfing El Copal, a course just north of Mexico City. Despite getting rather last on the way there, we eventually found the course and had a really fun afternoon. It was pretty surreal to be on a golf course surrounded by slum-filled mountains, but I suppose that is an apt metaphor for the socioeconomic extremes of Mexico.

There are a few driving ranges in the city, but none owned by people with any clear idea about what to do to really make their businesses succeed. From a business standpoint, golf should be free. The ranges should be doing all the can to offer free beginners clinics, host specific companies for free "Golf 101" days, etc. The cost to the ranges of things like this would be next to nothing. Of course, none of them are doing anything like that. I'd love to be able to open and operate driving range here. It's not that golf is inherently disliked by Mexicans; nearly all the caddies, themselves from poor backgrounds, get to play for free once a week at the course they work at, and they all love the game. I think lots of people would like golf here, and eventually be willing to spend lots of money on it, if they were first given lots of chances to try it free.

So, who wants to spot me the money to open a range here??? I'll be waiting...

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